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Version: v0.34D

Apocamorphosis (AMS)
by Anonynn


RPG/ Adult/ Text Adventure/ Fantasy

AMS v0.35B BETA $5+ Backers

Current Donator Version
AMS v0.35A
Word Count: 1,782,625
LinesOfCode: 112,376
Characters: 12,475,987

Current Public Version
AMS v0.34D
Word Count: 1,871,039
LinesOfCode: 112,907
Characters: 13,026,146

Adult Themes: Breast Expansion, F2M, Growth (height, weight, pregnancy), Involuntary, M2F, Slow Transformation, Mind Control, Pregnancy, Bimbo, Shrink, Mythology/Anthro Sex, Corruption, Object Sex and Transformation, Voluntary. M/F, F/F, M/M content.
Other Themes: Adventure, RPG, Romance.



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Synopsis: The manifestation of hatred, lust and corruption has spread across the entire planet like a plague; erasing memories, twisting identities and mutating every living organism in it's path. As the last of the free races band together to hold this entity from invading northern Auvora, frightened refugees flee to the southwest for safety.


Apocamorphosis (aka AMS) is a massive text adventure designed with Quest. It focuses heavily on RPG elements, character customization, transformation/modification, relationships, diverse characters, high-stakes adventure and travel, life or death combat and optional adult entertainment. I try to achieve all this through immersive, detailed writing/description and survival elements. The content can also be customized to fit the player's style as well. It's also written with a completely black background and easy to read font size/color so that you can play for extended periods of time.

The game also has a specialized but malleable Mood feature which changes the entire presentation of the game from top to bottom. There are four Moods; Sexy, Sympathy, Sarcasm, Serious which change depending on choices that the player's make, ways the player responds to situations and clothing the player wears.

Included with the game download. :)


Game Expansion
Event: "Robbery" has been mostly written but is not coded into the game yet.

I've begun writing for another Event called "Cabin". This event is at the beginning stages of description and therefore isn't coded into the game yet.

Entice Part 1 of 3 is officially in the game. Check out the Combat Section below.

Bug Fixes/Changes
The Help Guide has received another revamp. The changes are listed below.
    All sections now have a recall that brings them back to the Help Guide main menu once they are finished reading a selected passage.
    The Blog website has been replaced with the http://www.txtams.com website.
    The Questing System v1.5 section has been renamed to Quest Log v1.5.
    The Quests section has been removed and combined with the Quest Log v1.5 selection. A new menu has been added as well. Several passages have also been rewritten within it.
    The Useful Commands section had been completely redone and simplified and reorganized as well.
    The entire Help Guide has been moved to it's own function to reduce the strain put on Quest when loading it's huge code.
    The entire Help Guide has been reorganized for easier searches. It now appears in the following order:
        Changing Font Size
        Searching Rooms
        Useful Commands
        Stat Guide
        Skill Guide
        Mood Guide
        Combat Guide
        Player Status Conditions
        Difficulty Modes
        Save System
        Bad Ends
        Weather-Seasons-Time of Day-Location
        Crafting System
        Quest Log v1.5
        Relationship System v3.0
        Player Titles
        Premade Characters
        Special Thanks
I fixed an absolute myriad of problems occuring with the new Entice; spelling problems, brackets problems, code errors and much, much more. I also fixed Function errors regarding it, menu problems and 'this' problems. Needless to say, it was a friggin nightmare to fix and recode but totally worth the time and energy I put into it.         

I have written and coded Male and Female Zombie, Special Attacks, including successful hit and miss variations. Both also have some minor variations within the scripting as well for variety. Male and Female Zombies also can no longer "Entice" the Player either since I imagine that would take a conscious mind to set out to accomplish and all the Zombies want to do is kill and sex you. Male and Female Zombie, Special Attacks are also slightly different between Males and Females.
    Female Zombies, Special Attacks can do about 1 to 4 damage and Male Zombies, Special Attacks can do about 2 to 5 damage. Females have a 25% chance to also cause a Sick Status Condition as well and Males have a 35% to cause a Sick Status Condition.
    Male and Female Zombie, Special Attacks start with a 100% success rate. You can lower this success rate with the following attributes.
    41 to 50 Agility - 100%
    31 to 40 Agility - 80%
    21 to 30 Agility - 60%
    11 to 20 Agility - 40%
    1 to 10  Agility - 20%
    The Skill Tree Perk, "Ghost" will also reduce this chance by -5%
    The Background, "Guardsman" will further reduce the chance by -5%
Entice is now officially in the game (at least one/third of it). Yay! Here are the details!
I completely gutted the old system so now this is Entice v2.0. I removed all of the old code and all the systems associated with it as well and rebuilt everything from the ground up. Essentially, there are two major pieces involving the new system.
    1) Building Lust
    2) Having Sex
What this means is both the Player and MOST enemy's have a Lust counter. Enemies for the Halloween event, "Hallow's Shroud" for example, cannot be Enticed and cannot Entice the Player in return. The same goes for the Pale Abomination. The exception to this is that Zombie enemies CAN be Enticed but cannot Entice the Player in return (because gross)! This means there are three types of enemies...
    1) Unable to Be Enticed/Unable to Entice
    2) Able to be Enticed/Unable to Entice
    3) Able to be Enticed/Can Entice the Player.
As mentioned, both Enemies and the Player have a Lust Counter. If the Lust Counter is '9 or under' the game will take the Player's Gender and the Enemy's Sexuality into Account. An Enemy can be Straight, Bi or Homosexual. This will determine how much Lust they build with your Entice, if any. Upon Enticing an Enemy 1 of 4 scenarios will occur, each with three variations per Lust Level 1-4 or 5-9 for a total of 6. Each of these 6 variations are also different depending on the Player's Gender so 12 different scenarios with numerous variables in each.
The major focus of each scenario is listed below.
Scenario 1 (50%)
Butt Focus.

Scenario 2 (33%)
Breast/Peck Focus

Scenario 3 (25%)
Facial Focus

Scenario 4 (everytime the rest don't proc)
Genital/Body Focus

w/ these variables:
    Butt Size
    Lip Size
    Breast Size
    Hip Size
    Facial Femininity/Masculinity
    Hair Length
    And several combinations of each.
If the Entice scenario SUCCEEDS and you meet the Sexuality requirements of the Enemy you're trying to Entice, how much Lust they build is based on the following factors:
Random Lust Gain: +1, 2 or 3
If Player Lust is 5+: 50% chance +1 Extra Lust.
Charm Skill 4-7: +1 Extra Lust
Charm Skill 8-10: +2 Extra Lust
Player Title, Wellendowed: +1 Extra Lust
Player Title, Alphamale: +1 Extra Lust
Player Title, Bewitched: +1 Extra Lust
You also have a 50% chance to proc +1, 2 or 3 Player Lust as well. If you have any Resist it will negate the effect however at the cost of -1 Resist.

If a Scenario FAILS by not meeting the Sexuality requirements of an Enemy you're trying to Entice, you will recieve between 1 to 3 damage.

If the Player uses Entice while an Enemy's Lust is 10 and they succeed, they will be presented with two options.
    1) Have Sex
    2) Attack
        Attack Choice: The Player will attack the opponent for 3x times the normal damage. This can miss but will be able to repeat the action until they land a hit for the same effect. After that, the Player loses the ability to Entice that Enemy again and if they are still alive their Lust returns to 0.
        Have Sex: The Player is presented with a new menu containing 8 choices. These are next on my Entice to-do list and are NOT COMPLETE. They will have at least 2 variations for each Player Gender.
            "Take Them From Behind"
            "Take Them On All Fours"
            "Take Them On Their Back"
            "Move Onto Your Back"
            "Let Your Mind Wander"
            "Use A Toy"
            "Play With Their Nipples"
            "Stop Having Sex"
                Each of these will have the chance to increase the Player's Lust until it reaches 10 and then the Player will climax. The Player will have a chance to impregnate enemies as well or be impregnated by enemies. More choices may come in the future as well but I want these as starters.
Some Enemies that fall into category 3 (Able to Entice the Player) will have a Special Ability that can raise the Player's Lust depending on their Dominant Mood and Orientation. If the Player's Lust reaches 10 and the opponent uses this Special Ability, they have a chance to have sex with the Player. You will be allowed to Resist their advances (and you will SUCCEED if you have any Resist (at the cost of -1 or -2 Resist)) otherwise, resistance will be based on a number of factors. More on this once I get to it.

Remember if you attack an Enemy -- you lose the ability to Entice them for the rest of the fight.

The Shortification Elixir has begun it's remaster/recode. I've already rewritten the main description and have gotten it ready for complete remastering/recoding.

The following items now have their skeleton coding finished and are usuable (excluding the Intelliga). All I have to do is write their basic descriptions and the body modification scenes themselves and these items will be finished.
Buttavica - Butt Size Increase
Buttminish - Butt Size Decrease
Hip Grow Plus - Hip Size Increase
Hipishrinkten - Hip Size Decrease
Mammarize - Breast Size Decrease
Lipkin - Lip Size Decrease
Intelliga - Intelligence Increase
    I should have more simple stat increase/decrease items coming along soon along with all that. I want one for Strength, Agility, Maximum Health, Maximum Carry, Resist and so on. Unfortunately, they'll be made by the company: "I Can't Believe It's Magic!" instead of "Like Magic!" -- so they'll be detriments/debuffs to taking them.

I've added a new Submit Verb to Enemies. The effects change depending on your Dominant Mood. For Sympathy/Serious Dominant Moods the Player will refuse to give up. For Sexy/Sympathy Dominant Moods, the Player takes damage x3 for one turn and instantly gains +10 Lust. It will also bring the Player to the Enemy Dominating scripts once they are written (soon). For now, it only causes the above status' to occur.

Event 3: The Robbery
Summary: As you trudge through the forest, you suddenly hear a call for help. Could this possibly be a trap, or perhaps a person in distress? Depending on several variables you can investigate this scene or ignore it entirely. Will you report it to the guards later on? Or will you leave the person or people to their fate? Be careful because danger lurks around every corner.

Review by zxc

Version reviewed: AMS v0.34B on 08/04/2019

There seems to be tones of content,
but no way to get at it.

For example: there are tones of transformative items. But you may only search each room once, you do not always find something and you can't save scum.
So despite there being many items, you cant use them.

This happens at many levels, in fact every mechanic in this game is very detailed, and almost all can't be accessed outside of the debug tools or serve no real purpose.

It's got a lot of potential, I hope some day it gets finished.
but I strongly suspect that years from now, they'll still be adding more features.

Download it, play it, reach the end and wonder "is that it?"

Review by CowTits

Version reviewed: AMS v0.33B (Public) on 05/09/2019

I like some of the ideas and mechanics in play, it's just that there's nothing to do with them, so it doesn't make much difference. There's almost nothing to do and the few things there are don't always trigger or work. I like the new camp intro but it's transition to the original opening makes no sense and you don't really get anything out of it. Meanwhile, the house in the woods is still the only place you can really explore but most things have little to no interactions and none of your decisions or exploration impact anything aside finding some clothes and money. The dialogue quickly runs out to either being bugged or incomplete with its impact on your relations with characters having no meaning. Making it back outside still leads to a series of dead ends very fast with nothing to do than walk laps and forage for camping supplies. And for a transformative based game, I think I only found about three transformatives(one you're always given at the start) in the three times I've played through this. I just don't get how there can be so little game and content for such a long time.

Review by neutral22

Version reviewed: AMS v0.33B (PTB) on 04/21/2019

I'm not really sure if I can recommend this, at present time.
Sure, there's a LOT of text in the game, but it's development has been an absolute mess, to put it lightly.

It's been in development for YEARS (not weeks, not months), and the devs have
still not been able to finish the first story zone (inside of a giant wooden trunk with goblins).

Do try it, there's a lot of good ideas and writing, it's just that development seems to be spinning in the mud.
Adding systems (that doesn't add much to the game) and lots of other stuff, that still leaves this a skeleton
of a game, with good ideas, systems that don't do much, and very little story to actually explore.

Again, good grades for the many good ideas they have added to the game, but there's still, so little actual game.
I hope they will add more of a storyline over time, and not get distracted by adding more and more features
that doesn't help the game moving forward (storywise).  2 ...3 years? Is a long time to write the game's first proper zone.

There's a lot to enjoy, for sure. But once you reach the end of what little story there is, the world's best character creation
won't help you from enjoying it. I hope actual writing picks up. This game has potential, but it won't be finished for the 
next couple of years, at this rate.

All this said? I want the game to succeed as well. But if you ever want to see an end to the project, the story has to star moving forward

Review by DarthSparda

Version reviewed: AMS v0.97D (PTB-Full) on 08/06/2018

Amazing game so far I love where this is going.  Still a work in progress so not much content but the game does get updated regulary and the creator is active so that's a big difference to alot of the other games on this website.  Character creation is getting more detailed with more updates so it's a plus for alot of us RP fans.  Will be updating my review as time goes on keep up the great work and I can't wait to see the future progress of this project!!! ^^

Review by SubmissiveKittyDurgn

Version reviewed: AMS v0.97B (PTB-Full) on 07/04/2018

So, I have been encountering an issue as of late, at least on mobile, since I am without a PC due to it going up in smoke from a power surge.  The issue is quite simple, but as for what is causing it or what is the remedy for it, I have no clue.



It happens whenever I try to load a save that includes the premade character option.  I have not tried the othfer 3, but as for the Neko premade character, it happens without fail whenever I paste the save data and hit the OK button to load it.  The game simply is stuck loading the data.  It does not progress and it shows the same text, minus the options for a character start or save loading.  



“Creation Room



Please Choose From The List Of Options Below”



The rest is black, just like the rest, just without the options of creating a new custom character, a premade, or loading data.



I can send the save data through an email or PM if need be, but I do not know if that will help at all.  If it is of any importance, I saved in the tutorial(after the escape from the horde), much like I always have, but I later saved somewhere in the house and do not have the data of the first save, as I had progressed from there.



I know not why it does this, but it is extremely disheartening as it removes the ability to use a premade character’s save data. Well, more along the lines of, you just can’t load it.  You can start off as them just fine, it’s the loading issue that negates the purpose of using them.  I an unaware if this works without an issue on an actual PC, but as for mobile users, this is a giant pain to deal with.


I also noticed during my own character creation, loading the save data would sometimes cause stats and other values, such as sexuality and mood and other things, to be changed.  It is random when it does it, as far as I know, but when it happens, it is a very saddening issue, as it ruins the custom made character.  Again, happens on mobile, not sure about regular Pc users.



I love text based stuff, and this game has my interest and I am deeply into it.  But those two issues are a hinderance on playability without having to restart.



The ability to save ones data and post it into a document or on a note, is extremely handy.  I advise keeping this as an option, as you never know when locally saved data derps out and becomes fucky.

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