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Version: nv0.2.1

The Estate



Hello! This is The Estate, a game I've been making in Twee3/SugarCube. This is my first IF game, and has been an exercise in learning game development. Expect some hiccups.

Any and all feedback is appreciated! I respond a bit quicker on my Discord server than I do in the forum thread here.

If you like the game, please consider checking out my Patreon! Backers at certain tiers get access to the game a week early, along with a few other perks.


The game has been unshelved, and work on it is underway.
Lots of big changes coming. Check the forum post here!

You are Zack Carson, a 24-year-old American ex-college student working in the UK. After the business you've been working at closes, you're left scrambling for a solution to keep from being deported. You're just about to give up when a new opportunity comes knocking...

A quick note about the number versioning used for this game: The 3-point version number used should not be taken as a sole indicator of the completion level of this game. 
X.Y.Z = X (Major Release), Y (Minor Update), Z (Patch/Bug Fix)
Each number can go beyond a single digit. I could theoretically release 0.4731.3, and it would still be a valid version number. Mind you, I wouldn't actually let it get that high, but it's possible.

The point I would actually end up bumping the version to 1.0.0 is when I complete the main story of the game.

Minor Changes:
  - Swapped out Discord link in sidebar to prepare for channel reorganization. The channel that the old invite links to will be deleted soon.

Minor Changes:
  - Fixed MC name issue in one of Susan's dialogue boxes during the Part 2 Prologue

"It can't be that easy, can it?"
(Note: This version features some new content, but not a huge amount. This version was purely focused on getting the Events Engine up and running. This release was originally intended to be released on March 23rd (patrons) and March 30th (public), but I decided to delay it because a new release with no content is no fun.)

New Features:
- Added Events Engine:
- No new content for it currently, though it should have some in the next version
- Various events will now trigger when certain requirements are met, such as the current time and date or current location. There are also events that will only trigger after other certain events (event chaining)
- Immediately scrapped Events Engine and replaced it with a new one due to a bug. New engine written in under three days, so...
- Sanity -3
- Added part of the epilogue to Part 1
- Changed the time display to show the Time of Day (morning, afternoon, evening, etc) instead of the current hour
- Backgrounds now cross-fade between passages instead of suddenly jumping to it (Thanks Telv!)

Minor Changes:
- Resized all background images to be the same resolution

- 27 unused DynAv assets and other images
- Large warning block on starting page about saves

Bugs Fixed:
- Save titles not showing AM times correctly
- Susan finally returned from the woods, 8% calmer

Known Bugs:
- Tab bar in notebook scrolls with content
- Journal tab not marked as active when opening notebook
- Link to calendar explanation missing, Will fix later
- Accordions in Characters tab can only be closed by clicking on each title
- I can't leave well enough alone
- Issue with dialog triggers during Sitting Room scene if Appearance dialog opened before prompt
- Everything in the sidebar is slightly off-center
- Unable to change font size in dialogs or sidebar

New Features:
- Config Options (Located in "Config" menu in sidebar)
- Passage Font Size (Small, Normal, Large, Extra Large)
- Passage Width (Normal, Widescreen)
(If these settings are not persisting through saves, let me know)

- Grammatical error during Mansion entrance scene (Day 1)
- Minor UI tweaks in sidebar
- Cleaned up some leftover files remaining in the 'images/' folder

Known Bugs:
- Existing bugs still stand
- Unable to change font size in dialogs
- Save titles not showing AM times correctly (already fixed)

"Sometimes you have to throw all your eggs in the trash to make an omelette"
- Rewrote nearly all the underlying code. Reverting version number back to 0.1.0
- Rewrote entire intro from scratch. Story now has a new beginning.
- There are also dozens of small changes throughout the story.
- Several UI changes/additions:
- Sidebar completely redesigned
- Added "Notebook"
- Added "Journal". This gives insight into MC's thoughts about what's happening throughout the story. WIP
- Added "Tasks". Non-functional for now, WIP
- The old Characters menu page is now located in here, and has been revamped to be a little more coherent.
- Speech boxes have been redesigned to be less bulky
- Entire UI has been scaled down
- My sanity further scaled down as well.
- Story is now properly split into sections, with existing content reorganized into "Prologue" and "Part 1"
- MC's name can now be customized at the beginning of the story.

Bugs Fixed:
- Removed entire buggy code-base.

Known Bugs:
- Tab bar in notebook scrolls with content.
- Journal tab not marked as active when opening notebook.
- Jason the Plumber has been written out of existence due to labor dispute.
- Link to calendar explanation missing. Will fix later.
- Accordions in Characters tab can only be closed by clicking on each title.
- Issue with dialog triggers during Sitting Room scene if Appearance dialog opened before prompt.
- Everything in the sidebar is slightly off-center.

- d5 exploration: Removed South Hall, replaced with direct links between Sitting Room and Office
- Implemented encoded version, sidebar should now automatically update upon new version release.
- Spelling corrections

Bugs Fixed:
- Backgrounds missing in hallways
- Appearance dialog clothing slots showing erroneous output when removing clothing item without adding new one

Known Bugs:
- Main Character's name missing from stats dialog during specific event
- Calendar tooltip appearing below sidebar menu
- Due to an ongoing strike, the character of Jason the Plumber will not be appearing in this version.

Nothing ever goes as planned. Nothing.
- Added new sidebar UI. Avatar is being used as a placeholder for the paperdoll until that's available
- Changed menu pages to pop-over dialogs (fixes infinite stat gain bug)
- Replaced a few background images
- Added Discord Rich Presence to allow displaying game in Discord status so everyone knows what you're doing you perv
- Added "Time of Day" function to time system for use in a few special passages, as well as a few other tweaks for future features
- rewound the clock
- Exhaustion now increases when time moves forward while awake
- From now on, sleeping removes a set amount of exhaustion per hour slept, not fully implemented into earlier story yet
- I, however, lose no exhaustion when sleeping, and am constantly tired
- Added NPC DynAv system, currently working with Helena and Jeremy
- Split character moods off into their own menu dialog
- I'm just kidding, I didn't add Discord Rich Presence, stop panicking

Completely lost track of how many words were added vs removed, so...
57 new story passages added, 62138 total words (~10,000 more than last version)

Bugs Fixed:
- Background image no longer shifts depending scroll bar presence
- Aforementioned infinite stat gain should no longer be a thing
- Added, then removed faulty event tracking system

Known bugs:
- Backgrounds missing in hallways
- Main Character's name missing from stats dialog during specific event
- Some say Susan is still out there in the forest somewhere, ranting endlessly
- Calendar tooltip appearing below sidebar menu
- Appearance dialog clothing slots showing erroneous output when removing clothing item without adding new one


- Fixed a major bug preventing access to certain story passages

This is a major update! Due to various reasons, I have decided tear out the other routes and focus entirely on what was the Inheritance Route, making it the core story of The Estate. I know there will be a few people upset with the removal of the Servant storyline, but I do plan recycling that story and the other planned routes into their own games. There's a link to an extensive explanation in the starting passage, and I'll have more information on this in the coming months.

MAJOR WARNING!!! Your current saves will not work on this new version. The entire game has been refactored, and loading your current save will result in an error
- Removed the Servant Route
- Removed route selection screen
- Cleaned up and rewrote the introduction
- Added a new Dynamic Avatar system for the main character. The clothing on the avatar displayed in the speech box will now actively reflect the current clothing (or lack thereof)
- Added Quick Start option for returning players. This is a major WIP, but does function correctly for now
- Added Stats page to display various main character and NPC stats (Voted for by Patrons). Also a WIP
- Added new passage pre-introduction to enable stats. This page will include more options in the future
- Lost 3 sanity
- Saves will now display the main character's name and current in-game date
- Created a new logo for the game
- Changed Jeremy's static avatar, hopefully for the last time
- Sleep sequences should no longer put players to sleep as well
- Removed around a dozen unused image assets
- Rewrote and cleaned up the starting passage
- Added development diaries! I've started noting more detailed day-by-day stuff about the game and changes I've made, as well as thoughts about where the game is now (SPOILERS)
- Gave a few long-standing bugs a good WHAPPIN!
- Hopefully fixed all of my terrible spelling errors. I can speel, I swaer!
- Literally only one UI tweak! Progress!
- Unknown # of words removed/added, total is now 51675

This update was largely focused on expanding and making corrections to the Inheritance Route. Due to some unexpected loss of time since the last release, I had to cut out some of the planned content. Players may notice there is still a lack of new content in the Maid Route. This is largely because I'm unhappy with what I have so far, and am planning to re-write the route mostly from scratch. This means new content to that route will be at a standstill for a few versions, but I am actively planning the revised content as we speak.
- Added several new passages to the Inheritance Route
- Added a few new images, as well as replaced a few others
- Made some more tweaks along the Inheritance Route
- Removed the last bits of the old time system
- Revised some code to hopefully avoid breaking saves going forward
- Squashed a few bugs from 0.4.0 and prior, including that pesky span tag that kept showing up in dream sequences
- Added new prototype version of Zack's speech boxes. It's only used in one or two passages, but if you can't spot the difference, that means it's working.
- You guessed it! Even more UI Tweaks
- God has cursed me for my hubris, and my work is never finished
- 7918 words added, total is now 53964

This update is mostly system updates. It's being released shortly after the last update to put myself on a new release schedule.
- A few new passages for the Inheritance route
- "Skip Intro" link now jumps to route selection
- Overhauled time system
- Reworked inventory system
- Saves now display current route and in-game date
- More UI tweaks (Major: Title font changed, new browser icons, discord and patreon buttons added to sidebar)
- 4520 words added, total now 46046
Also: There are a few small changes along the Inheritance route to fix a few details about the story. They start around the time Zack sees himself in the mirror the first time.

0.3.1 Hotfix
- Accidentally undid a blur effect on one of the dream sequences.

- Made several corrections along the new route. I ought to look into getting an editor.

- A new route appears! This one takes the story in a new direction.
- Made a few UI Tweaks
- 15490 more words, increasing the total word count to 41537

- Added a little more story to the Maid route
- Added a Skip Intro link for returning players
- Added a day count system
- Added slide-in notifications for certain stat increases
- Added backgrounds to all passages (with a couple of small exceptions)
- Made a few changes to the UI, mainly the speech boxes and sidebar
- Tweaked some images to fit a little better on screen
- Added a link to my Patreon to the starting page
- Made minor changes to some of the avatars and replaced a few images. Can you spot the differences?

- Fixed a typo caused by a third-party tool (no really, it wasn't me, I swear!)
- Maid Route: Removed an old link from the first night sleep sequence
- Engine: Temporarily removed ability to drop items from inventory. I don't have a way to differentiate between quest items and normal items at the moment. A more long-term fix will hopefully be in 0.2.0

- Added links to Discord and this post to the opening page
- Fixed a few issues for mobile users regarding the sidebar
- Small code changes and visual tweaks

Initial Release

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by AMagicalCampFan2

Version reviewed: nv0.2.1 on 06/20/2021

I love this. Its more of a semi interactive novel then anything, but it's very good. I'm not normaly a fan of AR, but this story (so far) has made it work. I love how well writen the characters are, and how....well, l don't think l can say any more without slight spoilers, but it's great.

Review by detraks231

Version reviewed: nv0.2.1 on 04/19/2021

Well right now there isn't much choice but the bases are solid. I feel like the choices will havee more impact later on byt as of yet there isn't much choice.


That being said the story is very good and the way the complex relationships between the characters are very well done.


I liked it 7/10

Review by sappho

Version reviewed: nv0.2.1 on 04/12/2021

What's here so far (April 2021) is fine.

Story is good, interface is good, character portraits are great. I'm interested to see where it goes next.

However, it is completely linear. I think I noticed three (tiny) choices in the content so far. So long as you go into this thinking of it as a piece of fiction to read, rather than as a game to play you should be fine!

Review by rubberdolltami

Version reviewed: nv0.2.0 on 04/09/2021

I have to say, I was hesitant going in, given some of the earlier versions reviews. But I am glad I decided to give it a go! The story is excellent, and while it could do with a few more non-linear events/choices the journey is well worth a play. Looking forward to the next version!

Review by mercysend

Version reviewed: nv0.1.1 on 03/01/2021

I actually love this game/chyoa. It's still in the beginning stages. I cannot wait to see how it.progresses. I am hoping the MC ends up embracing the changes.

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