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Cloud 10

Note: Free version of the game is available, see Changelog.

It’s the year 2335. At the edge of humanity’s galactic empire lies the Astanten Nebula, a region that defies all attempts to be studied or conquered. Within the colloquially named Cloud 10 are unfathomably ancient shipwrecks, baffling monuments to a forgotten past, rapacious alien lifeforms, and untold treasures. Beings are drawn from all over the galaxy; hunters, cultists, scientists, scavengers, even politicians and royalty, all driven by the hope that, within the Cloud, they'll find their own personal fortune and glory.

You are one such fortune seeker. Left for dead deep within the nebula, you find yourself rescued by a strange AI. With this uncertain partnership, you must explore the cosmos, track down your betrayer, overcome greedy aliens, and ultimately uncover the truth. But how will the harsh realities of surviving in Cloud 10 change you? Will the blissful promises of safety in the infinite hands of a monstrously powerful AI be too seductive to bear? Or will you assert your own authority over her? Only you will be able to decide.

Website: https://www.cloud10.io
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TeamAlbedo

Please read the FAQ on the site (click the blue FAQ button) for instructions on downloading, installing, and automatic self-updating.

Plot is under Synopsis, instead this page will be used to list more tags.

2DCG, Adventure, Bdsm, Character creation, Combat, Female domination, Female protagonist, Futa/trans, Futa/trans protagonist, Gay, Harem, Humiliation, Lesbian, Male domination, Male protagonist, Mind control, Mobile game, Monster, Monster girl, Multiple endings, Possession, Rpg, Sci-fi, Slave, Tentacles, Text based, Transformation

If you scroll through the Changelog, you can find instructions on how to access each new piece of content.

Patrons get a new update every month on the 5th. The public build is always available for free, it's just one month (so one update) behind, and lacks CGs. Check out the Patreon goals to see how much content you can expect every update.

Septeber (Patron): Added 4 new CGs, new Paltrey's Nephews scenes, numerous quality improvements.

August (Public): Added new content to Holli and Lorien. Also 8 new CGs.

July: Added new content to Holli and Lorien. Also 10 new CGs and a Gallery.

June: Added Holli and Lorien, two new Booksmarts and Perception trainers available at the Hlok & Lode weapons store on Auspice. Also 6 new CGs.

May: Added 2 scenes to Shand, save descriptions, and 12 new CGs.

April: Added 8 CGs and numerous bug fixes and quality improvements.

March: Added Iannan Stage 2! To get started, have 40 Submission and the PIP built. Also added 5 new CGs to Paltrey's Nephews.

February: Added tons of new scenes to the ITE Moray Patrol Vessel encounter. Including one exclusive for Trish! If you were having trouble with the ITE customs search this is another way to get new favor with them and access the HQ. Also laid down the framework for Iannan progression and future stages (Stage 2 is written, just needs to be coded). Plus tons of quality improvements and bug fixes.

January: Added the new ITE Moray Patrol Vessel encounter. Also added 4 new CGs for Paltrey's Nephews. Plus tons of quality improvements and bug fixes.

Review by Cyanizzle

Version reviewed: 2020.01.05 on 01/11/2020

This game deserves more attention. Its a very TiTs like game, with well written scenes and an interesting combat method. The TFs are pretty simple so far, at the beginning of the game you can change your gender to dickgirl.femboy,male,female. Later in the game you can choose options that allow you to grow breasts/dick.

Review by AoS

Version reviewed: 2019.11.05 on 11/08/2019

I've barely started this game. I've made it passed the tutorial and character creation and all, to the first port and yet here I have to stop. Why? Because I know if I continue now I'm not going to get anything else done for awhile!

This looks supremely awesome so far. The writing is top notch. I love the music. I think the character model may be the only art in the game but it's good, and anything beyond is a bonus, as this is a text based game. And finally the premise is in my opinion cooler and far more interesting than other similar games I have played. 

I'll be sure to return to edit this once I've actually played further in the next day or two, but for now. the start is awesome!

Thanks for all the effort and sharing!


Now that I've played through for a few hours I can say this is a good game and the writing and all is consistently good.

This is still early days for development, so the pool of events to encounter is small and they repeat a little too often. I like the sub/dom going on with the AI, and how it influences your character. The game has a greater atmosphere of exploration than similar games, at least to me, and I really like it.

Progression-wise, I'm not sure how I feel about being able to get all skills high quite easily, aside from luck, which I haven't found a way to increase. It makes your choice of background at the beginning give only a little boost in a stat that means nothing later on as far as I can tell.

At the moment, money seems a little too easy to come by, but that's almost certainly subjective and will vary player to player I imagine.

There's no transformations I've discovered beyond the first if the player chooses to take it, but again, early developement.

There aren't a great deal of erotic scenes I've found, but they're all well written and pretty hot.

Cloud 10 is worth a bit of time even as early in development as it is now. I love the intro especially.

BUG: In the Mehran's fall event (Might have spelt that wrong!), you can spam options to gain attributes even when you run out of nerve.

Just a note: It may seem at first that being submissive to the AI is the only option which could turn some people off, but it's not the case and you can become the dominant one if your tastes run that way.

Review by Volendi

Version reviewed: 2019.11.05 on 11/04/2019

That time when you lose over 3 hours of your life, and then you realise you just spent it playing a game... a game that isn't even finished!  Well done, lots of content, and lots of room to grow!  =^_^=

Review by HypnoKitten

Version reviewed: 2019.07.05 on 07/08/2019

Great start!  Very fun, love the writing, well done UI, and would be so eager to explore the rest of this story!  The only bit though.. it is Really hard at the moment (and in this genre this is a common issue) to know when you've seen 'all the content' and can just stop playing?  That aside, can't wait to see more :)

Review by Eschation

Version reviewed: 2019.07.05 on 07/06/2019

The game is updating fast so far.

The content right now is still pretty limited, though. There's three fight encounters, a handful of non-fight encounters, and a couple of events where you progress your relationship with your AI. At the only hub you can currently reach, you can do some activities that up your stats and restore your nerve.

It will take about 2 hours to reach the end of all available content, maybe less.

So far, it has a lot of promise. I'm very interested in seeing where the relationship with the AI goes.

My biggest complaint so far, other than the lack of stuff to do (which I understand is because it's an early version) is that the futa character has balls. I'd at least like the option for a ball-less futa.

I also dislike the shape of the female model a bit. The proportions seem off. I think it's that the thighs and hips are too big, mainly.

Also, it's a bit weird that currency is the future is referred to as "gold" without any justification. I mean, maybe they do use gold in the future, but without someone explaining why gold is the currency, it feels like an entirely out of place fantasy reference.

Also also, also... anyway, I find myself just rapid clicking through repeated scenes when I'm out flying around. The content just isn't very interesting once you've viewed it once. That's not a good sign for things to come. As a result of the rapid clicking, I sometimes click an option I did not want.

As far as game progress goes, RNG does factor in to success, but if you start by spending all your cash on fuel and make sure to save before you leave, you shouldn't run into many problems.


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