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Version: 0.76e

Version: 0.76c


Healslut by DavieZwei

Jack in, jack off!

You're a beta-tester for the super-popular MMO game Powerful Order Online (yeah, POO). After failing to find a place in a decent end-game guild with your shadow-stalking dagger-wielding elf, you start to worry about the future of your job. But thankfully, you're invited to test the brand-spanking-new expansion of POO, MEGAREAL! Of course, because this is a work-in-progress, there may be some fairly serious glitches...

A (currently in-work) game guide/walkthrough is available here:

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0.76e Downlewds: 





Upon taking up the opportunity to join the brand-spanking-new expansion to the super-popular MMORPG Powerful Order Online as a beta-tester, you find yourself locked into the very odd (and apparently exclusive?) class of Healslut. Just how will you handle the power... and consequences?

Version 0.76e:

  • Kayden's free-use dinner scene is now completed (72 freakin renders for 2 images in the scene!)
  • Futa Sparkle can now choose to bottom for Harmony at the camp outside the Goblin village
  • Can now do sexytimes with Manster in Underwell regardless of having Harmony in the party
  • If in a relationship with Panki+/-Lel, Sparkle has opportunities to quit free use near the start of her duties
  • Can now attempt to smuggle the Pixie power regardless of having the Fairy Form spell
  • Tons of renders redone for lighting consistency and clarity (thanks writer's block!)
  • Altered the girl version of the "steamy" outfit to be without bra instead of without bottoms because boobs
  • Changed the ADU collar classic girl hair because I wanted to
  • Added "Lying with Lel" to Replay Scenes
  • Added some images to the starting questions screens
  • Added a bit more content to the "bumplug after sexytimes with Kayden" scene
  • Added subtle click sound when making choices to give them some weight
  • Fixed incorrect opening sound for the status screen
  • 80% "just" removed because of way too much "just"
  • Meeting Tonii again and possibly adding him to the already burgeoning group roster
  • Gallery has been permanently removed (slowly being replaced with Replay Scenes)
  • Hide button added to the mobile/tablet menu for easily hiding the dialog box (tap the screen to unhide)
  • Can now understand Manster while naked if Sparkle has Naked Knowledge while doing sexytimes
  • New scene image for Lel+Skylark after sexytimes with the trio in the ship cabin
  • Now able to select Fairy variation from the trainer if Sparkle chooses Fairy Form as her spell
  • Various character sprites re-rendered at higher resolutions
  • Fixed a bug preventing attributing number of fish caught during the fishing minigame
  • Added an option to skip the fishing minigame
  • Now your selected variation will not effect the story (so selecting the backup variation does not cause everyone to think you were previously killed)
  • Fixed an odd reference to Sparkle's weiner in the camp scenes with Harmony if Sparkle is weinerless
  • Fixed several places where the narration was in the incorrect voice (first instead of third)
  • Fixed the variable roopah_dinner_request not being set to true when with Kayden the first night and Roopah the second
  • Now giving Roopah a blowie if you're free use in Act 11 counts towards your bj score
  • Now getting with Panki +/Lel on the boat increases the appropriate sexytimes scores
  • Sexytimes with Harmony now increments the appropriate sexytimes stats
  • The alley funtimes with Wejit now increments the appropriate sexytimes stat
  • Choosing to sleep in the bed with Panki or on the floor with Lel gives the +1 like as it should now
  • "Rejection" variable now sets properly if with Roopah when Harmony tries to make a move
  • Fixed incorrect +1 like to Wejit when serving Twig and Champ first, now gives +1 to each of them
  • The Mindfuck spell now shows up on the status screen
  • You can now switch to "twink" if you have the "steamy" outfit on without it causing an error
  • Fixed bug where Leigh would reappear in Act 9 even though Roopah refused to let Sparkle try to get him back in the group
  • Kayden now chides Roopah if she tries to offload Bimbo Sparkle while she is supposedly making Sparkle's decisions
  • Refusing to sign the servitude contract while in a relationship with Lel +/Panki now properly sets the ownership status to none

Skipping code fixes:

  • "Chatted with Champ and Twig?" gives a +1 to both Champ and Twig, but you can only get 1 of them in a normal playthrough
  • You can set both "rel_open" and "roopah_quickie" to true when skipping, but unless I'm mistaken, they are exclusive in a normal playthrough
  • Skipping doesn't let you get the gag for the start of Act 9
  • Fish smuggling sidequest is not automatically passed when taken to jail now
  • In a normal playthrough, futa and twink can't get naked in jail during Act 9, but this is enabled in the skipping
  • If Roopah makes your decision and you're not in a relationship with her, skipping automatically makes you free use, even if you're not the looter
  • While skipping, it assumes that "roopah_dinner_request" is true if you're not in a relationship with Panki, but in a normal playthrough, there are other possible combinations where it's not set to true (if you're not free use, nor the looter with Roopah making your decisions, nor in a relationship with Roopah, and in addition spent the 2 nights with one of this combination: night1 Panki and night2 Panki or Kayden ; night1 Kayden and night 2 Kayden, Panki or Roopah (the Kayden/Roopah combination might be a bug in Act10))
  • If Roopah makes your decision and forced you to be free use and you're reluctant and you're in a relationship with Panki, the choice to opt out of free use is missing
  • The opportunities to get "agreeable" points when being free use, for giving up your tips and for voluntarily offer to suck Roopah's cock is missing
  • Selecting "Used the Naked Knowledge spell." to "How'd you get the pirate trade done?" doesn't give the $ exhibitionism += 1
  • Selecting "Got Harmony's help." to "How'd you get the pirate trade done?" gives an extra +1 like to Harmony
  • Selecting "Got Harmony's help." to "How'd you get the pirate trade done?" doesn't allow to select Holeboy instead of Biggie Claire
  • Skipping lets you get a +1 like with Panki for reading the letter, even if you're not in a relationship with her or are free use
  • Skipping lets you answer "Did you compliment Harmony's outfit?" even if Harmony isn't in the group
  • When looter and not free use, the question "Told Harmony you could be more than friends?" is only asked if Leigh is alive
  • Skipping doesn't give the sex.an += 1 that you normally getif you "Spent the night with Kayden?"
  • Skipping refers to missing bottoms, even if your "type" is "futa"
  • Skipping only asks "Agreed to a dinner date with Harmony?" if you're in a relationship with her, but in a normal playthrough, that option is also available when "harmony_pursuit" is true
  • Skipping lets you get the "steamy" outfit ("Got the bottoms to the 'western' outfit?"), even if you're "type" is "twink", and that can probably cause a bug, since I don't think that images for that combination exist
  • The option to reject Harmony (either due to being in a relationship with Roopah's cock and Roopah making your decision, or by explicitly chooseing to do so) is not available
  • Skipping doesn't handle if you spend that night with Roopah or Lel or Panki(+Lel+Jane) instead of Kayden
  • Giving a blowjob to Wejit doesn't increase the sex stat (same for skipping)

Version 0.76c:

  • Harmony sexytimes scenes after meeting with the Goblins are completed
  • Three new Sparkle variations now available in Act 18 (dumbo bimbo, shebeast hulk, and adorable femboy)
  • New possible encounter with Tonii in town in Act 8 (Tonii to reappear later just like Fwawr)
  • Can now bang Manster for intel in Act 8 (animated OMGAGS!) [requires at least 1 previous oral act]
  • New possible encounter with Goofyknee (and possibly tentacles) in Act 9 (with metal music) [requires Lel being Sparkle's manager and failing to smuggle the fish]
  • New option to settle the "dock fee" in Porttown (Panki-centric)
  • Maybe there's some new route to start getting through to Roopah
  • New option of first person narration ("I did this, I did that") in addition to second and third person
  • Dozens of character sprites rerendered to fix blur/lighting issues
  • Normalized "emotive" sprites across most characters [rest in process]
  • Fixed issue with added ambient channel looping/not looping
  • Switching body type or variation is locked until those are available in the story (to prevent all the broken image stuff - changes will be allowed from the very start in a future update)
  • Fixed a big bug with getting Lel back - several scenes referenced the wrong variable which lead to incorrect dialog and choices
  • Fixed another big bug with a lot of scenes not taking into account the possibility that Leigh had Lel sold
  • Sparkle now has a choice to be "reluctant" when agreeing to free use -- an "I don't like it (but I like it)" option -- as well as when Roopah makes that decision and being reluctant will have an impact on Sparkle's attitude and how the others treat her
  • Made it easier to pass the later 'exhibitionism' checks too since the only way to do it before was if Sparkle has the Naked Knowledge passive and that seemed too restrictive
  • When Lel is dead, Sparkle is dressed as the looter and is healing Rudedood expection error fixed
  • Getting bummed by Roopah on the boat now counts towards your sexytimes scores and ditto with the next scene with Panki + Lel
  • If Lel buys you, your "ownership" status now changes
  • If you turn down the mushroom quest, when the server is down for maintenance, it no longer says that you must find it
  • Help menu overlapping text issues fixed
  • Gab's mentions to the changes in Leigh now are route-specific
  • Game now has proper credits option on main menu
  • Bug fixed where looter Sparkle would not return to the looter uniform after being 'zapped away' by Gab
  • Bug fixed so that ownership status actually changes if Lel or the group owns Sparkle
  • New options for Lel ownership of Sparkle regardless of how Lel was treated or if Sparkle is in a relationship with her and/or Panki
  • Now if Kursven bids in the auction she puts in money for the group to own Sparkle [after which Sparkle is owned by the group]
  • Extended the interactions with Butterslap and registering Sparkle up to the point of official collaring (which then abruptly ends, sorry!)
  • Window shopping with Roopah is now available [requires bimbo Sparkle]
  • Rewarding Wejit (again) in a back alley (with a voyeur) is now available [requires previous rewarding]
  • Sparkle can now take the transformation potion from Lel before going to get registered regardless of body type
  • Sparkle [except for bimbo] can now either sign the servitude contract or refuse to sign (which may cause Lel to treat Sparkle less favorably)
  • A lot of dialog has been updated to account for Lel owning Sparkle while Sparkle is in a relationship with her (+/- Panki) ["cute" ownership]
  • Will now be jailed (and possibly tentacled) if you fail to smuggle the fish while with Lel regardless of sharing her duties or being responsible for her
  • Missing dialog between Sparkle and Wejit discussing Sparkle's ownership has been included now
  • Fixed incorrect dialog being shown when Sparkle is commenting on her "two girlfriends"
  • Corrected variables when "satisfying" Tavernkeep
  • Ooyum will now appear in the party on the status sheet if she is in the group
  • Incorrectly blocked dialog between Kayden and Sparkle before the bandit massacre has been opened up
  • Backing out of freeuse duties no longer sets Sparkle to a reluctant performer
  • Some first-person narration perspective issues corrected

Skipping code updated:

  • being jailed by Lel's actions now has proper variables attached
  • accounts for the different options and outcomes with Rudedood
  • bunking with Kayden on night 1 now gives appropriate +1 to Leigh as well
  • Jane staying the night gives the appropriate +1 like
  • Can't have Wejit defend if Sparkle didn't buy the armaments
  • Incorrect blocking of Lel "dead" outcome is fixed
  • Can't have Kayden or Panki retrieve the mushroom is Lel is not there
  • Sparkle's "looter attitude" can now be chosen
  • Getting the vial from Swollwang no longer automatically passes the fish smuggling sidequest
  • Healing Rudedood now sets the correct variables
  • "Satisfying" the Tavernkeep now sets the correct variables
  • "Rewarding" Wejit now sets the correct variables
  • Can no longer start Act 6 in the incorrect body type
  • Now properly able to select "reluctant" when agreeing to freeuse duties

Version 0.69d:

NOTE: The route of going to speak with the miners is not looped in yet so it still ends early. I am working on that now as well as finishing the next morning with Harmony and spending the night with Roar(+/-Lel). If you would like to see the latest story content please choose a different option than going to talk to the miners when you're in Porttown.

  • Sparkle meets with Gab again and then meets the developer that created the Healslut class! (With *lots* of options!)
  • "Agreeable" Sparkle no longer confronts Kayden (and instead gets ordered a wardrobe change)
  • Harmony scene at the foothills lake extended to the next morning (with some caveats)
  • The status page can now be opened and closed by clicking/tapping the upper right corner of the screen
  • Sparkle will (*soon) always lose her clothes when popping out of existence (have notes, still working on some of these)
  • Working on adding more emotions and reactions for Sparkle during conversations (some of this can be seen in the confrontation with Sandeep)
  • Fixed free-use Sparkle staying in the waitress outfit when she should have undressed or changed
  • Fixed "dead" Lel showing up out of nowhere when at the ship galley with Panki
  • Fixed meeting dead/sold Lel for the second time so that all routes have that encounter now
  • Fixed bug with Sparkle's outfit changing after public service in Porttown
  • Fixed bug with dialog loop after speaking to Skylark for the second time without being on Panki(+/-Lel) route
  • Fixed third-person narration for sexytimes with Champ at foothill camp
  • Fixed missing surprised sprites for blanket-wearing Sparkle
  • Added missing music for the ship sexytimes with Panki(+Lel/+Skylark)
  • Added sprites for milked/backup Sparkle variations with the sword or blanket
  • Added dialog and conditionals for meeting Lel after having Leigh sell her
  • Group members are now correctly shown in the status screen
  • Amount of gold coins Sparkle has now shows on the status screen
  • Got rid of all the "show pc" defined references to clean up the code
  • If Sparkle switches to a different act in the alleyway it is properly attributed
  • The flag for providing Leigh relief on the first night has been fixed
  • Fixed exception when twink Sparkle at the public service orgy
  • Body change when talking to Wendy is no longer accidentally instantaneous
  • Fixed some doubled dialog between Sparkle and the Tavernkeep
  • Got an exhibitionism check fixed in the last act that was backwards
  • The flag for getting back Leigh after he leaves is now fixed
  • Sparkle gets her clothes back after the free-use training now
  • Milked variation of Sparkle properly shows up directly after the milking
  • Baby transfer scene has been fixed so the images don't overlap
  • Extraneous text removed from the start of serving dinner on the ship
  • Fixed odd reference to Skylark when leaving the ship when she's not in the party
  • Agreeable/acceptance variable mixup has been sorted
  • Not meeting Wendy in her new cat form if Sparkle is very agreeable has been fixed
  • Sorted out various typos throughout

Version 0.69b:

  • Fixed bug where the wrong Fairy form would display when escaping the pirate ship
  • Fixed bug where Sparkle would mention the blanket even if she didn't wear it when getting the pirate sword
  • Fixed bug where looter Sparkle could get stuck in a loop after serving food/drink to everyone at dinner
  • Fixed bug with skipping to Act 11 and seeing only a black background
  • Fixed bug where Roopah would say Sparkle couldn't try to talk to Leigh even if she isn't making Sparkle's decisions
  • Fixed bug where Harmony would appear when talking to the Underwell Barkeep even if Harmony doesn't exist
  • Fixed bug with Roopah removing clothing for sexytimes even if Sparkle isn't wear any
  • Fixed a bug where Sparkle would return to the cabin but the screen would be stuck on the deck of the ship
  • Fixed an oversight where Panki would treat Sparkle as a lover after the mandatory dinner on the ship even if they are not intimate
  • Kursven will now 'hit on' Sparkle if she's not wearing a top/bottoms
  • Updated the "fuzzy" outfit with better (//AESTHETIC//) design/textures
  • Added proper fairy form for backup Sparkle in the fairy escape scenes
  • Added missing spell pose sprites for various outfits (fixes "could not find image" bug when Sparkle casts a spell)

Version 0.69:

  • Ninety-freakin'-eight new scene renders
  • Forty-four updated background renders
  • Eighteen updated character sprite renders
  • New spell effects for every Sparkle spell
  • Lots of typo and weird dialog fixes
  • Night with Champ at the Goblin camp foothills [Harmony and Roar(+/-Lel) to follow soon]
  • Sparkle for sale! The Port Town auction and outcome
  • All new new status page so that you can see Sparkle's current role, spells, outfit/trinket, inventory, sexstuff stats, decisions, relationships, ownership, and group members at any time
  • Refactored ALL the Ren'py code for consistent indenting and variable handling (still have more to do with consistent labels and jumps)
  • Added loads of new sprites for different emotional states and updated a lot of scenes with them
  • Added "foreshadowing" option to toggle the subtle content warnings
  • Added "backpedaling" option to toggle the ability to reconsider previous choices
  • Added "fade to black" option to toggle off sexytimes scenes and replace with short descriptive text (not completed)
  • Added a new impractically, irrationally, and unrealistically buxom fairy form
  • Changed shirt for futa "steam" outfit renders (the previous one was a nightmare to work with)
  • Removed a metaphorical metric dung-ton of superfluous black fade transitions and pauses
  • Customized the UI a bit more
  • Changed the default font because of licensing
  • Slime forms made a little more slimy
  • Fixed bug with staying as Fairy through dinner
  • Fixed bug to allow a nudity-inclined Sparkle to stay nude after receiving chest of clothes
  • Fixed bug that didn't allow trading the mushroom to Swollwang if Lel is dead
  • Fixed "bug" that didn't allow Panki to offer to override the mandatory "free use" from Roopah if you are in a relationship with her (must be reluctant)
  • Fixed bug with offering to "distract" the bandit in Underwell

Version 0.6:

  • More of a voyeur than a roleplayer? Check the options menu to change the narrative from second person to third person! Now "Sparkle" is doing all this naughty stuff instead of "you"!
  • Want to try the different body variations? Check the options menu again to change to another variation at any time! (This does not work properly before the variations are available within the story and may cause bugs!)
  • Meet Fwawr Argarg, a fellow human! Requires choosing not to hard-reset and file a report at the start of the game. This is a one-off encounter for now but more is planned for Fwawr in coming updates.
  • Can now offer the Tavernkeep some "relief" in exchange for the linens for Lel (requires prior naughtiness of the same type with Rudedood). This, of course, does not help Sparkle circumvent the mushroom quest. HahahaHAA!
  • ------------------------------------------
  • Continue to the Goblin camp (if on the "miners" route from Port Town), meet a buff bushy barbarian lass, and solve the mystery of the two brothers and one changling!
  • ---OR---
  • Allow the town to enjoy using you for their various pleasures! Bone-chicka-bone-wow.
  • ---OR---
  • Clean some outhouses if you like! Gross weirdo.
  • ------------------------------------------
  • A long-time-coming confrontation with Kayden (if NOT on "miners" route (for now)).
  • Character creation screen updated with some *GASP* actual animation.
  • Panki's "accent" has been reined in a bit for readability.
  • Getting 'slimed' in the mushroom quest now has consequences (still in work!).
  • "Skip Ahead" function when starting a new game has updated to the start of Act 17.

Version 0.5H:

  • Additional backgrounds added for variety
  • Fixed wardrobe bug not allowing selection of previous outfit for Act 16
  • Can how join Lel in the ship galley for her route (and/or Roar) after the "backup" or milking incidents
  • New outfits for everyone!
  • Get a language lesson from Lel (everybody loves language lessons)
  • Finally get off the damn ship - welcome to Port Town!
  • Meet some constables (and maybe get your face sat on if you have Assured Absolution) and then meet the mayor
  • Decide how to deal with unpaid docking fees
  • The return of... someone! Along with new revelations and mysteries
  • Meet three new weirdos

Version 0.5G2

  • Fixed several bugs in the "skipping act" code
  • Fixed the bottoms on/off issue with collars
  • Now can get the after dinner scenes with Roopah easier (requires only getting with her on the boat the previous night)

Version 0.5G

  • Fixed the looter bargag image bug (finally)
  • Fixed a bug making the blanket 'outfit' disappear
  • Fixed typos in the wardrode selection
  • Fixed cutlass disappearing when speaking to some individuals
  • Fixed the PIC outfit scenes for trap/futa during dinner
  • Trap/girl/futa "Mending Misery" tweak images fixed
  • Fairy form now has all alternative body type variations
  • Changed the way the collar outfits are referenced (faster, less bugs)
  • Re-rendered SNE dinner scenes to remove "sepia" look (by popular request)
  • After dinner scenes with Roopah complete (with optional 'twist' if futa)
  • You can now skip to any act you want from the start!

Version 0.5F

  • Blanket bug fixed, Pez/Gaggie captain bug fixed
  • Panki/Panki+Lel/Panki+Lel+Skylark night completed
  • Meeting a helpful game developer
  • Sparkle's powerful new spell makes its debut

Version 0.5e

  • Relegated to serving dinner if you are the (non-FU) looter
  • Added end of dinner conversations
  • A revealing conversation with "previously dead" Lel
  • Introducing Skylark to Panki/Panki+Lel (and possibily adding her to your 'harem')
  • Splashy after-dinner bath with Panki/Panki+Lel/Panki+Lel+Skylark
  • Bit of bonding (i.e. bondage) with solo-romance Lel
  • Possible night with Kayden (if boi)
  • Roopah now imposes free-use if making your decisions (if looter & not with her)
  • More options added to the 'skip to Act 13' menu


Version 0.5d

  • Dinner now shows correct selected collar for each scene
  • Girl backup body poses made less 'slumpy'
  • Fixed a few lines of 'See No Evil' dialog to account for the blindfold
  • Fixed incorrect Sparkle variation showing up in slaver parlay scenes
  • Fixed futa milked body outfit inconsistencies
  • Fixed Wejit visit repeating after Sparkle getting shot
  • Fixed some cloth draping issues with the fuzzy britches outfit
  • Fixed a few issues with Panki/Panki+Lel conditional branches
  • Fixed inconsistencies with some Lel alive/dead dialogs
  • Fixed label jump that would not properly award the pirate cutlass
  • (non free-use) Ends abruptly following the after dinner chat with whomever you sat with
  • (I will add additional options to the Act 13 skip in the next release.)
  • (The bitgag not showing up in the looter outfit is a known bug. I'm still working on it.)


Version 0.5cursed

  • OLD SAVES WILL NOT WORK CORRECTLY. Sorry :( So many code and image changes!
  • You can opt to skip to Act 13 when you start a new game. You will  have to make a few choices but then you can carry on from there instead  of a complete restart!
  • Lots of new tracking variables added for fixes and future branches (hence why old stuff is broken)
  • All outfits now available for all bodies and variations
  • First part of 'free use' collar dinner (Champ takes round two)
  • IMPORTANT: right now all the dinner free-use sexytimes scenes will  show the "All Dressed Up" collar but this will be corrected soon!
  • Bug/typo reporting now included (will create a file called _BUGGERY.txt that you can upload or send to me)
  • Dialog font choice now available in options
  • Waking up with Panki after a nap quickie (Panki or Panki+Lel routes)
  • 'Roopah always dead' bugs fixed (hopefully)
  • Interesting/revealing dinner dialogs for all major characters
  • Ends abruptly after Kayden speech. :( Work continues! :)


Version 0.5

  • Gaggie baby-swap bug fixed
  • Dialog fixes for Sparkle statuses and variations
  • Wejit/Ooyum "speaking while not there" bug fixed
  • Sparkle sword missing bug fixed
  • (Preggers route has been tabled for now)
  • Waking up after a change and handling who's dead
  • (or) Wandering about all pooched up
  • Kayden awakens most grumpily
  • Meeting a possible hunky RO with Lel
  • Two new outfits to choose from
  • Ship ahoy! A parlay with slavers
  • Meeting Jane in-game
  • Choosing from 4 collar outfits (on free-use route)

Version 0.4H

  • Ooyum image bug fixed
  • Lel now shows up on the ship in the right 'version' depending on your choices
  • Bug with Leigh's missing status fixed
  • Many small adjustments to various dialogs for proper attitude/story advancement
  • Relieving Wejit now available for all paths (except blaming Roopah which has two divergent routes)
  • Diverting the blame to Roopah (both paths) completed to next scene
  • Gaggie gets the baby path complete to next scene
  • Several new variations of Sparkle now available depending on choices (this is at heart a transformation game, after all!)

Version 0.4G2

  • Extended decisions on how to handle the murder non-mystery
  • Maybe get pregnant? (Ends early for now, this is currently what I'm working on) 
  • Another way to the early ends in 0,4G
  • Meetup with Pirate Lel or another Lel
  • Consequences to blaming Roopah teased
  • Can how offer Wejit relief after the investigation
  • Anyone notice the new stuff sprinkled in early in the game?

Version 0.4G

  • Many proportion fixes (still in work)
  • All character renders have been touched-up and/or re-rendered
  • Several scenes have been updated and/or added renders
  • A metric poopton of typos and grammar errors corrected
  • Nudity aboard the ship received more attention
  • "Mention of mushroom" bug with Swollwang fixed
  • "Barf it up" bug/loop with Lel fixed
  • After Gab visit bug with Panki instead of Champ/Twig fixed
  • Non-"suppress suffering" spells in customs office bug fixed
  • Fairy chub/slim mixup after Gab convo fixed
  • Small bugs with fishing mini-game fixed
  • Roopah now acts more consistent if Sparkle snubs her
  • Murder- (non)mystery solved, accusing the perpetrator, and deciding consequences *Consequences may include pregnancy or death. 
  • Two possible endings to your story...

Version 0.4F

  • "Everybody Loves Roopah"TM bug fixed
  • Some missing images made unmissing. Yay!
  • Option of non-chubby Fairy Sparkle in menu (with new dialog)
  • Free-use training as waitstaff is now (finally) done
  • Free-use 'attitude' allows more acceptance instead of reluctance of the role (ongoing!)
  • More optional relief for the good Sir Wejit (only if not investigating for now, will also fit in with 'investigating' route with upcoming patch)
  • Leigh now explains he won't be the looter if he rejoins group
  • Investigating a murder mystery (ends just before questioning, working on it!)
  • Go fishing with a (hopefully fun) minigame!
  • Some graphics updated (will anyone notice?)

Version 0.4E

  • The 'sticky' question that Gab asks can be reset by starting a new  game (which clears the flag) and then reloading your save before the  question is asked.
  • Bugfix for trap with Panki+Lel - will need to load a save before telling Panki you messed around with Lel for this one. Sorry!
  • Bugfix for the loop with Gab/Lel/Kayden. You will probably need to load a save before going into the corner. Sorry again.
  • Sexytimes with Roopah (requires previous sexytimes with her)
  • An introduction to a murder mystery
  • Can now switch body types on the fly in the main menu so you can try  out scenes in different bods. May cause weird issues if you do it  mid-scene, so I suggest doing it before a new scene starts (i.e. pretty  much anywhere before the background changes)

Version 0.4D

  • Dealing with Commander Sergeant Orlando Commando
  • A reunion with the greasy people
  • Escape to sail the high seas
  • Dance for Harmony (if promised it)
  • Panki +/- Lel sexytimes / Lel snuggletimes

Version 0.4C

  • Kayden now more convincing on accepting 'free use'
  • Confrontation with Roopah
  • 'Free use' path now for all body types
  • One 'free use' training table done, two to go
  • An enlightening out-of-this-world interruption
  • Dinner
  • Danger
  • Dingalings

Version 0.4B2

This update contains content addition for the 'free-use' route that Sparkle can agree to while serving as 'loot puppy' and therefore will only appeal to those interested in those paths and activities. But worry not, the next big update will include more comprehensive content for the various dominant and submissive paths!

  • A chat with Roopah about your place in the group
  • [All the following require the 'free use' path]
  • Panki becoming a bit overly eager about your new duties
  • Servicing Champ
  • An intro to 'training' (setup for next update)
  • Servicing Roopah

Version 0.4B

Notice: This is a '(hopefully) fun little sidequest' update and does not contain any sexytimes. If you're in it solely for the spank, you may want to wait for the next one to play through!

  • Catfight betwixt Panki and Roopah (depends on your relationships)
  • Getting a "sidequest" down to the south docks with your choice of Lel, Harmony, Wejit, or Ooyum
  • Choosing how to deal with a 'fishy' situation (more content for Suppress Suffering and more than that for Fairy Form)
  • Lots of typos and some logic issues fixed
  • And night 2 with Kayden now available! (Finally, right?)

Version 0.4A

  • Finally somewhat of a variable organization and standardization
  • Directory restructuring (made a real mess, please report bugs!)
  • New possible starting outfit (alternative to looty outfit, disconnect and file the "short" bug report instead of the long report)
  • Now a 33% easier to convince Leigh to rejoin the group
  • Fixes for permitting Lel to fight in all variations of the group reunion scene
  • Roopah being Roopah... (and I'll be the one blamed for it!)
  • Possible semi-public shenanigans with Roopah (non-futa only)
  • Possible provocative prospect with Panki
  • Dealing with some bandits
  • Dealing with a situation that comes from dealing with some bandits (requires that Lel has been allowed to fight)
  • Lel gets bossy?
  • Slowly sinking deeper into the murky mire of being a loot puppy (if on that route)

Version 0.3b

  • Loads of bugs fixed with the 'nerdette' IRL start/story.
  • Looter outfit properly assigned after second night if agreed to share duties (will require loading a save previous to leaving the room in the morning).
  • Lots of new renders! I don't know. Lel in a fishnet bodysuit so...?
  • Loads of dialog and stuff. Act 7 had to be split into three files so I could keep track! (That either means I'm dumb or there's a lot going on.)
  • Funtimes with Lel very probable and three routes to take after rescue/being-rescued.
  • May get an undescribed error in Ren'Py with your most recent save (no description given so I can't track it down). Apologies. Please load an earlier save.

Version 0.3a

  • More mysteries, more hints, more character building!
  • UI has had some basic updates
  • Play the game as either a nerd or nerdette IRL (requires restart for female option)
  • Possible sexytime tryst with Ooyum
  • Possibly "cheating" on Panki OR an "arrangement" with Panki
  • Completion of Act6 (except staying the night with Kayden, not done yet)
  • Possibly waking up to what I think may be a huge surprise...
  • Meeting your class trainer...?
  • Choosing one of three new spells AND one of three new passive abilities (not impactful yet but I have A LOT of fun plans for these...)
  • Option to try to convince (or not) Leigh to rejoin the group
  • Option to head back into the dungeon to get Lel (to the halfway point)
  • ~30 new images and 4 new music loops

Version 0.2f

  • ~850 new lines
  • 25 new renders
  • Sexytimes with Champ
  • Sexytimes with Twig

Version 0.2e

  • Sexytimes with Roopah
  • 17 new renders, several new SE/BG/ambient sounds
  • ~400 new lines of dialog/code for Roopah, ~100 for others
  • Proportion fixes for a few character renders
  • The option of rewarding Wejit for his service

Version 0.2d

  • Deciding if you will ditch Wejit (you heartless prick)
  • Getting back to town through a rainstorm
  • Surprise visit from someone or someone else
  • An abrupt and revealing discussion with Wendy
  • A pleasant* chit-chat with a very drunk Kayden (*pleasantry definitely not guaranteed)
  • Dealing with the mushroom situation (if you do owe the funky fungus)
  • Sheduction and shexytimesh with Panki and an evil(?) decision

Version 0.2c

  • ~1650 new lines of code/dialog 
  • 30 new renders
  • 15 new sound effects 
  • 9 new musics/loops
  • Meeting your IRL neighbors
  • Dealing with an over-friendly lesbian
  • Losing all your loot
  • Meeting new Gobbos (and one's a girl!) and an oddly intelluctual Troll
  • What's happened to Wejit?
  • Getting a new outfit
  • News on the rest of the crew
  • What's up with Lel? (If there is a Lel, anyway)

Version 0.2b

  • 30 new renders (3 backgrounds, 3 gallery images, 12 for the MC, 8 for mobs,  4 for other gamers)
  • 3 new music loops, 15 new sound effects, 1 new spell effect (and 1 updated)
  • New possible very magicianical MC outfit for those with Looty Booty token (you'll have to load a save before the shop. To get the token, 'hard reset' after your very first connection with the game and you'll get a bonus for writing a bug report)
  • A battle with Skelemans and a decision on how to help
  • Possibly a decision about who becomes the new loot bitch (if Lel is dead)
  • Possibly getting slimed (must owe the mushroom!) and what to do about a cave baby... may involve some dancing
  • Getting past a tollway, meeting two new people, deciding who you like
  • A boss fight that ends in disaster?!

Version 0.2a

  • New/updated renders for every character to correct proportion issues, standardize heights, adjust lighting, and fix some odd poses.
  • Getting pizza or choosing between two places to go for food.
  • Finding  a mysterious package by your apartment door.
  • Meeting one of three people (depending on  your food choice).
  • An interesting visit with a client support administrator in her virtual office.
  • Returning to the 'morning after' inside the game.
  • Testing the strengths and limitations of your Healslut abilities.
  • Kayden being a badass, Wejit's views on the Goblin afterlife, and Lel wearing impractical but also practical adventuring attire.
  • Intro to the first level of the dungeon.
  • Possibility of someone dying?!
  • Ends after Succubus fight, more coming soon!

Version 0.1e

  • Adjustments to music
  • Test voice-over for narration by volunteer Art Argent (feedback requested)
  • Several additions and updates to gallery images (Roopah stuff, mainly)
  • Updates to a few outfit renders
  • Animations for being nekkid and Roopah's... oral stuff (feedback requested)
  • A few changes to the alleyway scenes (more changes incoming)
  • Meeting the tavern owner and helping out Lel (or not)
  • The (sexual?) repercussions of choosing between the three roomie(s)
  • Back to IRL and deciding on dinner, end of 0.1e


Version 0.1d

  • (branch) Submitting a bug report
  • Wejit character development
  • Encounter with be-boobled Gorgon
  • Arrival in town
  • (branch) Sex acts in an alley
  • Meeting your party
  • Chatting with a selected group member
  • Visiting a shop, choosing a new outfit, buying gear for Wejit (optional)
  • Choosing who to bunk with for the night (abrupt end)


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by renenarciso

Version reviewed: 0.69d on 05/07/2022

Can't believe I never reviewed this game. I've been playing it for years.

Overall, Healslut is an excellent game. Sexy, well-made, well-written, a great game.

Lots of reviews below mention how the main character is unlikable in real life. That is not a problem for me, I kinda like to play as a character that isn't perfect or too nice or just a proxy for me to slip into. To me, that makes it more interesting.

But my absolute favorite thing about Healslut is your virtual alter ego: Sparkle. She is just the kind of fantasy character I love to be turned into: ultra-girly, extremely feminine, slutty, gorgeous. And I love it that the change is more or less instantaneous and complete, as I usually dislike slow transformations.

I simply LOVE it when YOU are the most feminine and beautiful character in a game and there is almost no competition. Awesome! 

But now, the nitpicks...

First, the comedic bits are hit-and-miss with me. I like it how the game can go from comedic to dramatic in the drop of a hat, though. But the funny conversations sometimes drag on a bit too long, and the humor doesn't always click with me. But it still doesn't detract from my enjoyment of the game.

I think if I have one main complaint about Healslut it's this... the game puts you into the role of the most girly, femme, gorgeous fantasy character, it makes you ultra-feminine and I love it, but among the rest of the team of adventurers, there is no one that is ultra-masculine, or even just masculine in a traditional way. While I do enjoy diversity and appreciate having the choice of non-traditional romantic partners, I'd love it more if at least ONE character in the team were a traditional manly hunky that you could romance. But no, everybody in the team is kinda feminine in one way or another.

I end up with Roopa, the she-male orc, because she is the closest to being manly. And it's sexy enough, but still not ideal, IMO.

Review by eileen

Version reviewed: 0.69d on 04/09/2022

It is a very well made game and conversations between the MC and others are actually funny. 

Review by ljk43

Version reviewed: 0.69d on 01/20/2022

I just wanted to say that I love this game, mainly for the combination of the quirky humour, the lovely and erotic graphics, and the feeling that your choices have consequences. I suppose it's more a of a choose-your-own-adventure graphic novel, but there seem lots of well-developed branches and the plots are well developed. I look forward to reaching some bad and good endings in due course.

I noticed one missing image in 0.69d, but it didn't stop gameplay since one could just ignore it:

While running game code:
Exception: DynamicImage u'/images/hs/[outfit]/[type]-[variation]-spell.png': could not find image. (u'/images/hs/looter/futa-classic-spell.png')

This is the one game that has me chuckling more often than any other I've played from the site.

I also found the backstory for Twig, and the music and accompanying images quite touching and maybe a little bit epic.

A lovely experience.

Review by linkprechaun

Version reviewed: 0.69b on 12/20/2021

Okay, this is probably going to be a bit of a long review, so I'll give a quick TLDR, but know I specifically created an account and made some forum posts just to review this game, so that should speak volumes on its own.


TLDR; This game has a slow start, and an *EXTREMELY* unlikable main character IRL, however the online persona you spend 90% of the game with is much more charismatic, and you actually get to sort of shape their personality. Not a whole lot of actual sex scenes for a porn game, and they're not really animated, but the writing once the creator started to catch their stride starts to get really good. Like, better than any other game I've played on this site, and I've played A LOT of them. It has its quirks, as most games on this site do, and some genuinely cringe moments, especially the overused Seinfield-esque "We're both idiots misunderstanding each other and prattling on for way too long about it" ""jokes"" that keep happening (I use that term extremely loosely) but the writing, breadth, and dedication to the CYOA-style gameplay is so well done it absolutely makes up for it.


straight up 8.5/10 game IMO


Now, I downloaded this game for the first time a year and a half ago, played it for 10 minutes, and immediately uninstalled. I straight up hated it. The "nerd" character was abrasive to say the least (there's even an off-handed comment later in the game that implies they're autistic, and I just find that to be in poor taste as an actually autistic person, because their behavior is more like a bonafide sociopath than an autistic person) I mean... seriously, every interaction the character has in real-life is BAD. Just, genuinely downright terrible. It's almost the entire reason I give this game less than a 9. If you've played it, you know what I'm talking about, and it makes no sense to me how there seems to be little to zero character development in the IRL player by the time they meet Jane/Janie. Like, I sat there feeling genuinely terrible while the main character berates and insults practically everyone they interact with. Like, saying "fuck you" for no reason to the burger girl. WHY? I gave the game a second chance because I saw I could play with the "nerdette" Simone, thinking it would be better, and it *kiiind* of was? I guess? But still, it was really bad. If I had one serious recommendation for the creator of this game, it would be to make simon/simone more like an actual person, than this like... idk, trope of anxiety and bitterness?

I'm gonna stop there on that subject, because I could write an entire essay about how that character could've been written better, and how their depiction is almost insulting to people who are similar to the stereotype depicted, but it seems to me all the game's focus was elsewhere and the creator just went with whatever they felt would move the plot forward and justify the moments Sparkle is like "no, no, I'm terrible with people" even though she's a social butterfly and just never gave it a second thought.

Now, once you get into the actual swing of the game, probably around act 3 or 4, it starts to get really engrossing. All the characters in the game world are well-fleshed-out, and have strengths/flaws you can identify with and latch onto as a reader. There are easter eggs, references to popular media, and call-backs to previous encounters that really make this game shine and make you feel like your decisions as a player matter, which is what I play games like this for, really.

I particularly enjoy the multiple different routes you can take with different characters, which not only allows you to choose who you'd like to pursue, and never forces you into a non-consensual sexual situation without repeatedly telegraphing it and giving you a chance to avoid it, but also lets you build a muthafukin harem if you play your cards right, with some of the most attractive characters in the game. (I hope the newer updates allow you to include Harmony in this dynamic, as it seems the later acts sort of conflate being able to be with Panki/Lel and Skylark with being with Harmony as well, even though you expressly are given permission by Panki to be with her. Just seems like a missed opportunity, and I also find it confusing how Harmony seems to get left out of dialogue frequently even though she's SUPER entertaining to listen to speak, seems very wise and insightful, and will sometimes just be... standing there while everyone else keeps talking)

The game gives you a lot more options for customization now than it did when I originally played as well. You can be a futa, trap, or regular ol' healslut, and knowing which you're getting is straightforward and changable. You can even use the redhead "backup" model (my personal fave) although it will sometimes glitch a scene (especially on the pirate ship with the blanket or sword). You even choose your spells, which have different situational advantages/disadvantages, and if you choose the fairy spell, you can customize that a bit too. Very very nice attention to detail there.

Overall, I'd really recommend this game to anyone who likes the long-form more plot-driven games, especially those that enjoy CYOA RPG elements. Just don't expect a lot of graphic sex scenes. I honestly expected more of them from a game where most people are partially nude, and my guess would be that a lot of them only really appear on the "free-use" path, which is just too rapey for me to stomach, but still... More harem content please!

Review by Buridan

Version reviewed: 0.69b on 11/27/2021

A game that really grows on you.

I think the game makes a particularly bad first impression. The main character in his real-world form is extremely unlikable. He's immature, homophobic, just an all-round snivelling loser. This game also has an inordinate fondness for questionably funny "Tweedledee & Tweedledum" style comedic bits that go on and on, which takes time to get used to.

But once you start getting deeper into the story, a lot of the annoyances fade away as the generally high quality of the writing asserts itself. Your party members are all interesting and often endearing and Sparkle, the MC's enforced in-game persona (the titular healslut), is much more likable, personality- as well as appearance-wise. There's also bits of genuinely clever meta writing later on that I don't want to spoil.

And of course, the strongest part of the game is the premise itself, that of being a healslut in a VR MMO. I'm particularly enamoured with the free-use path. I think a lot of games that promise non-con/reluctant content tend to cop out of actually delivering on the premise - usually, if you insist you don't want it, they allow you to back out. But here, if you make a key decision at one point in the story (it's abundantly telegraphed), the right to refuse is taken away from you from that point on. You can continue to withhold verbal consent and insist you're not into it (that is the fantasy) and your party members will ignore your protests and 'force' you into sexual situations anyway. That's great. It's a perfect distillation of the appeal of the submissive healslut fantasy, at least for me.

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